Happy Birthday to Me

Goodbye to the 90’s

     A couple of days ago, I turned 26.

Birthday Post #1

Most people my age stop celebrating their birthdays round the age of 23. They stop having huge parties, or expecting thousand of gifts, and ultimately, they finally accept the looming fact that hangovers exist and they are INEVITABLE due to our ever growing, decaying bodies. And for me, this thought process of acceptance, was just the same.

I hate to say, that I have become one of the many 20 year olds who have faced this unfortunate fact and have come to terms with the realization that I am no longer considered to be in my early 20’s, but am now in the bracket of millennials that are now considered to be in their late 20’s.


I know it’s TRAGIC. The wonderful 90’s is nearing to be three whole decades int the past. The memories of Saturday mornings with the Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are fading. Oh, Reptar! You’ll always be my spirit animal. and Kimberley, the pink power ranger, my first model of what a strong, independent woman looked like, you will NOT be forgotten!!

Call me overly dramatic, but hey, I wear the title well and PROUD damnit!!

My point is, I was not happy about turning 26. I was actually dreading it. For many reasons. Reasons being, and goes as follows:

1.    I would FINALLY be off my parents health insurance (I know, I KNOW!! I’m 26 and should already have my own health insurance. But, hey, I had a good thing going for me, why not take advantage of it and ride it out. WHICH I DID… until a few days ago.) So, now that i’m off my parents insurance, I’ve been frantically researching different plans that would suit me best AND have a monthly fee I can actually afford. To say the LEAST, I have been stressed AF for the past couple of weeks.

2.   I moved to Florida.( which I’m unbelievably thankful and excited about) but because of the move, it means i’m extremely new to the area and consequently don’t know anyone besides my cousin and her husband. So sadly to say, I will not be having any huge parties with all my friends, because, well the don’t exist.

and finally #3.

3.   WHO THE FUCK, in their right mind, WANTS TO GET OLDER?!?!

BUT, despite all these reasons, I really, truly, honestly had a wonderful and truly satisfying 26th birthday. I got EXACTLY what I wanted from the day without any mini melt downs that consisted of kicking and screaming.

I guess in the end, I realized, I have a lot to be thankful for like all the tremendous, and not so tremendous, things I have gone through this past decade. And to clarify, here’s a little history about myself to help you better understand me and the many reason I have to be thankful this year.

“A Little History”

AGE 16 circa 2008

At age 16, I was diagnosed with severe depression and consequently put on medication and forced to see a therapist every. SINGLE. week, thus effecting the time I had and would be having to spend on my three team sports I was actively participating in, my relationships with my friends and then Boyfriend, and of course, being the over achiever that i am, AP classes. *sigh* Having a mental disorder at the time, was looked at in a very dark light and therefore, I kept it a secret for the time being and for many years to come. I remember during some of the dark times I was sure that I would not make it past my 20th birthday.

Forward 4 years, (AGE 20 circa 2012) Its November, the week of 21st birthday, and boy has it been a crazy ass year. Third year into college, majoring in Business Marketing and I decided to drop out. I had gone through, at what I considered then, to be a HUGE breakup with the guy who I thought (at the time) to be the one, and then consequently coping through partying and an insane amount of drinking for the rest of the summer. But because of it, I did meet a lot of new people who eventually became really good friends of mine, who head helped me a tremendous amount that summer leading in fall semester. And now here I am, coming to the end of my last Fall Semester, standing on a table in a house PACKED (and I mean packed, there was even a line to get into the damn house) with people I knew and loved. I’m about to blow out the candles, looking at all these people counting down to midnight waiting to sing me Happy Birthday to send me off into my golden year of 21. It was that moment, I had realize that my 16 year old self was wrong. Here I am, the happiest I’ve ever been, realizing I had made it past 20. (seriously tearing up ATM, looking back at that feeling.) I guess, if you want to join me on this cheese fest, it was one of those moments from ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower (one of my all time favorite books) where Charlie says “and in this moment we are INFINITE”. Yeah, it was a moment like that. It was epic, and something I will never forget.

Birthday Post #2

With the years to follow, I accomplished so many things and have also failed many times, only to brush the dirt off my shoulder and get back up, standing tall.

I applied to my dream school in Los Angeles, FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). I was in a long term relationship that lasted a good 4 years, but ended. But that’s ok, insert Arianna Grande’s new hit song “Thank you, NEXT” here. (Thank u, nEXt,) LOL i think its wildly relevant . I got to experience finally being single and dive straight into the horrifying dating pool and bar scene. I moved all over California and now I’m sitting here in, out of all places, Florida!!

So yea, I’ve lived a life i’m happy and proud of, and i can happily say that i am excited for this new year and the years to follow.

Here’s to NEVER Giving Up.



The Desert Rose



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